Jeff is becoming a regular on our radio. He comes over from the UK for a blitz visit to Berlin, and always, and nicely so, ends up in our studio talking with his old friend Adrian Shephard. Now, if these were cold war times, and the calendar would say 1973, and the thermometer would indicate -32ºC, we could probably tell different stories about Jeff’s visits to West- Berlin. Because, why would someone visit West-Berlin so often and only for 36 hours, if DDR is everywhere around you with their spies, black marketeers and tax-free cigarettes and booze to be found on every corner. And would his music sound more like John Barry on ether?

In this episode Jeff unfolds his vision on the world, its current state and offers a vision on how things can be made better. There’s also a five minute free promo talk for Distrokid. And hey there, you handful of people at the Distrokid-office, contact us please, if you think this five minutes is worthy of some of your support for our radio. We might even include a link to your website, right over here. And you know what…it sounds like some business model, that even could work for Radio On ..also is into it. Now let’s wait for a streaming site that only credits the listeners, and lets the artist and small labels use the service for free.

In Adrian’s words

Jeff Disastronaut returns to Berlin in this 60 minute special with news of Blitzkrieg journeys, Brixton all night long DJ’ing, Scaling the Whitehouse fence at 80 with Maurice McCraken, golden crocodiles, how to be in multiple places at the same time, distributing your music with Distrokid and the Trump, Turkey, Theresa triangle.

Jeffs’ recent releases get a radio-on premiere including the beautiful (ed) ‘Grenfell Elegies’ and very sci-fi ‘Goldberg variations for Moog’. There’s a live harpsichord collaboration ending to the show with yours truly and Disastronaut. Jeff boasts 11,000 releases online and encourages autopsy body tattoos to ensure he would never ever have to work in any financial institution.

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