All the records for this show were found on a flea market on the same day as the program was recorded.

And so it begins …May 2001.. A friend of Adrian, Saulius was employed as a catholic priest for a testcard performance installation ‘inside’ a Lewes Church as a graveyard for computers using early pattern recognition s/w (big eye from Steim). The audience were literally invited to destroy the computer graves with hammers. Babies crawled on a floor of smashed monitor screens and a big cross made out of TVs was constructed as a centrepiece. Note the remnants were unceremoniously buried afterwards in a crypt in the actual cemetery outside and are almost certainly still there if anyone fancies a piece of grave robbing history…

Feb 2016.. A day with Saulius in Prenzlauer Berg, a tour of record and toy shops, coffees, talking, walking, never could he know it was the last day he would see him alive.

Show notes:

’39 years ago we are teenagers, and the parents are out, and the girlfriend gets the speed right and plays a swamp rock record, music for fighting crocodile vampires.’

Next track story : Adrian recounts how he worked for Patti Smith when doing slides for her performance in a small venue in Brighton…and, while the sirens howl in the background, the tension builds up , the thoughts that burped up after that encounter.



The light switch.

Number 3.


Teenager hate.

Editing the ages.




The music starts to make sense. A farting piano sounds like a toy duck being strangled. Read out words. And there comes an extraordinary find: all life is love.

Nothing dies in nature.
Atoms just get rearranged.

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