Don Campau’s No Pigeonholes – Cassette culture 1986-1997

Don Campau presents a show every month. In each show he plays tracks from cassettes that he received with the post. Thousands of cassettes found their way to his tape player. Relations were built with home-tapers around the world. In an attempt to document last century’s cassette culture Don has set up an archive, to which new features are added regularly.

Don received cassettes from a great variety of musicians. Every genre was welcome, as long as music and tape were produced at home. The present show mirrors perfectly the wide range of musicians involved in the cassette culture. Listen to their songs, hear some background information, pick your favourites!

Evan Peta/ Scrape And Scatter/ Glad To Be Back/—-cassette 1993 USA
Loomer/ Cry/ Loomer/—cassette 1994 USA
Kevyn Dymond/ Bodega Slavia/ Rock & Roll Suicides/ Guaranteed Cleveland 1997 USA

James Richard Oilver/ 40 Ft Elvis/ Blown Mad Baby/ Illbilly cassette 1994 USA
K.R.O./ At The Edge Of Darkness/ Lyric Apocalypse Meets The Footstomping Bootyfest/ —cassette 1997 USA
Linda Smith/ From A Window/ I So Liked Spring/ Shrimper cassette 1996 USA

Roberta Eklund/ Murmurs / The Process Of Recognition/ Eklund cassette 1986 USA
Kathy King/ ?/ Two Dozen Cookies/ Rubber Chicken cassette 1988 USA
Al Perry/ Hamilton Beach/ Fraidy Cat/ Addled cassette 1986 USA

Jar Baby/ Hold Me Satellite/ BB2X4: The Blender Condenser/ —cassette 1990? USA
Malok/ The End/ Eep!/ —cassette 1988 USA
Lisa Kucharski/ Different Attitudes/ its All IN The Wrist/ —cassette 1995 USA

Michael Prime Morphogensis/ MG2/ The Mouth Of Hermes/ Generations Unlimited cassette 1988 USA
Wunderglas/ Black Roses/ The Bureaucracy Of Hope/ Bureaucracy Of Hope 1992 USA


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