Photo by Adrian Shephard


Nikolas Schreck is back in the Radio On studio with an interview about an old murder case. Why write a book about something that happened seventy years ago? You can hear the answer in the show in which these documents will be mentioned. Nikolas compares the book with his own case study about Charles Manson. The listener will be transported to the obscure side of California and hear stories that could relate to pulp magazines, film noir and gonzo journalism.


In Nikolas’ words

“The next episode of The Nikolas Schreck Show centers on Crime. Nikolas’s special guest will be Piu Eatwell, acclaimed author of Black Dahlia, Red Rose, the excellent new book on the Black Dahlia murder mystery of 1947. Nikolas & Piu will discuss the Black Dahlia case in detail, including parallels to the cover up of the Tate-LaBianca murders Nikolas revealed in his book The Manson File: Myth & Reality of an Outlaw Shaman.”

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