Don Campau plays tapes in his radio shows. Artists and bands sent him tapes. He received loads of tapes. They filled his garage. Last year Don started to send his tapes to Zeppelin City in the very south of Germany. Packets with hundreds of tapes travelled from one side of the ocean to the other side. Those tapes became part of a work of teutonic dimensions.

Don’s shows for Radio On were made with those tapes. Now that these tapes have gone, he presents a new series. Don Campau offers a time-travelling experience. This episode was originally broadcasted on KKUP radio in Cupertino, California on July 4, 1993.

The energy and the optimistic drift of every single track will surprise you. Here is the list of featured artists and bands

Ken Clinger
Russ Stedman
John Bartles
The Conspiracy
Arrington De Dionyso
Blessing Disguise
Lord Litter

Eleven Shadows
Rok Tots
Trespassers W
Someday People
Swamp babies
Dino DiMuro
No Comment
Ray Carmen

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