This episode of the tape review show turned into a label show case. We played tapes sent to us by Do you Dream of Noise from Sweden and Hemisphärenokukyo from Australia.

Tapes played

Blodet – Kristallpalatset
Marstrand – Memories of a place i´ve never been.
SlimVic – Norr om Dalälven (Romantikens farsot)
Building castles out of matchsticks – To dream outside the lines

Philip Sulidae – Scenes from a Duplex
Leo Okagawa – Buzz on the Moon
Masayuki Imanishi – Maze

Adrian and Rinus try to find out what moved the label owners to publish these tapes and give expert comments, elaborate on their unexpected visions and add an anthropological note to the sounds you hear .

But I wish it was that simple. There are more topics discussed than a monkey can eat peanuts in a minute. And what is that children’s cassette player doing in the show. Where did Adrian get that death metal voice? Who would like to release his Death Metal Album? An opening track with Adrian biting his way right through a cellophaned packet will auto-destruct your tape right away. You wouldn’t like to miss out on that, now do you?

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