Lord Litter’s Radio On Show – Manifesto

No description of the content of this show, the playlist speaks for itself, but the publication of Lord Litter’s ‘Definition of what I try with my radiowork.’

“I use the expression *counterculture*.

The expression *Underground* was corrupted for the first time when labels like CBS released LP compilations in the late 1960s with the *original* underground. The result was that challenging Hard_Rock_Jazz bands like Chicago ended up producing schmaltzy radio stuff.

*Indie* is a definition of bands/sounds that I basically avoid – I don’t think that I have *indie* bands on my shows – *indie* almost contains the aspect of *making it* these days and to me *making it* is becomming part of the big game which I avoided my whole life because I would have to live with too many disgusting details.

I like all the bands/musicians/labels I present and I give them *heavy rotation* – presenting full lengh releases, not *singles*. Physical releases I get I present for months and may return to real good ones a year later. By presenting bands/artists/labels this way a closer communication is often inevitable. Bands/musicians/lables who are only in it for promotion discard themselves by various structures. A real communication is clearly definable when compared with a stereotype “Thanks for playing our music.” So I often say that all people I present are also great human beings one would like to meet in a bar for a drink. Each of them with their individual idea about creating unique sound and music. To me all this comes very close to the *cassette culture* feeling.

Yes – I was quite desperately looking for a way to keep this feeling and not emotionally drown in the avalanche that seems to grow with every day of digitalism. I believe there is a way to live today but have it your own personal way by cleverly and carefully selecting.

All bands/musicians I present are carefully chosen and physical releases it must be, simply to shut off the endless stream of digitalism. Digital offerings I use to *check* music, like listening to radio in the old days: “Hey this sounds great I need to get the release!”.

I have interesting examples where a listener said that he/she does not like this or that artist. Several shows later, many of them presenting this or that artist with different tracks, suddenly the listener changes his/her mind:”No – this artist is really good!”.

The music I present is the music I would buy in a shop .. like in the old days – but those shops no longer exist, so the internet provides me with exactly the music I would buy in a …. I definitely believe that the internet can help you to find exactly what you are looking for, only our shop today is the entire world – AND – you have to use the internet not vice versa which too often is the normal way today.

The variety I’m interested in is unlimited. I always try to create a *landscape* of styles that may go from constructed pop song to open floating soundscape .. from harsh noise to soft whisper..all handselected from the today’s *counterculture*

I got into music when I could go into a record shop here round the corner had a talk with the people there, started looking for new releases, listened to them and then decided which one would be for me to listen to for a long, long time – in fact some of those records I still listen to.

Today’s endless stream of *digital* music takes the *particular* away from almost every artist….there is always one more who sounds kinda similar..

To offer a handselected *particular* selection is what I try with my radioshows and thus *saving* this attitude of the *special* for the future.”


1. Marc McDowell and Friends – Dark Weave – CD/LPDark Weave
2. Anna Homler and Steve Moshier – Giyah – LP/CD – Breadwoman & other Tales
3. Opera To Relax – Oh what a crazy day – CD – frome Life 2 Life

4. Hal McGee – track 1 – Fanzine + CD – Halzine 11 –
Darrell Draeger’s Cassette Culture Blog
5. John M. Bennett & Screamin’ Popeyes – “El Ninguneo 02 – MC – El Ninguneo
find John M. Bennett today in the electronic cottage

>>> Litter Legend…JAH WOBBLE!
6. Jah Wobble – T.V.
7. Jah Wobble – Today is the first day of the rest of your life
6/7 LP – Betrayal

Litter Legend…Scientist!
8. Scientist – The Voodoo Curse – LP – Rids the World of the evil Curse of the vampires

9. Breadwinter – Look sharp Feel sharp – CD – breadwinter.3
10. Kurt Schwitters – excerpts from Ursonate – CD – Dada Antidada Merz

11. Cheapo Card Company – The Magic Crap (Mega Mix)
12. Magic Moments At Twilight Time – Lights Turn Blue
re_release of CD “Creavolution 22” online plus bonus album –

13. Mutant Press – FUKdNRA – from forthcomming CD –

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