Mankind created cities. Mankind created communication systems, railways, stations. Molecules got together and created life. One thing connected to something else, and it resulted in endless possibilities. The universe expands and so does the dictionary. How does this work in a brain. How does the brain activate thoughts. What connects one image with the other and makes us tell a story.

Question1. Is the central station in Berlin, with the tracks, the platforms, the different levels, the automatic stairs, the trains that come in and leave, people coming and going, is this central station with all its movements, the horizontal and the vertical, a mechanic representation of the brain and its thoughts?

Other question. One person leaves an ancient city, a pre-biblical city that we know nothing about. He or she sets out to travel into an unknown world. Thoughts in the head, things to survive in a bag, memories imprinted on the clothes. Is this voyage a representation of the workings of the human brain when we think about the unthinkable?

Possible answer to Question1. There are a lot of things connected in the brain, and apparently a something can travel along a lot of lines. Somewhere this something can command the mouth and the tongue and all the systems involved to produce words. A person tells a story. Someone takes the train.

Possible answer to other question. We don’t know. We try. We find out, and eventually we know.


Zoom out. Slow. Something is pulsating, strong light-weak light-strong light-weak light. Zoom out again. Go further. There. Light. The city is a pulsating brain. So many stories. It is almost impossible to keep track. Adrian Shephard finds records and brings them home. He finds out that on every record there is something that reminds him of another something. And then he starts talking. He flies around in the central station of his brain, jumps levels, departs and arrives at the same time, and at the end you are there, suitcase parked, listening.

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