The Tape Review Show – Plaza Zachodnia, Eda Records, Tanzprocesz

The anti-christ in pre-revolution Russia … devil talk and the speed of light … world cup talk … sponsor talk … female football discussion … dj in the stadium …


First tape

SqrtSigil – Licho released by Plaza Zachodnia


Trying to decipher the information on the cover … Molly and the Snorglefly … tiny texts aim at insects .. you’ll never be big if your language is small … But a very good track! … strawberry and vermicelli soup … children’s party where they wrap bacon around dates … date talk, gastronomy .. the turk-japan connection historically explained: the übertürk and the wasabi date …

Intermezzo: talks about Kolberg, the movie and why it is a propaganda movie.

Second Tape

Earth Universal – Curtains of silence hung about the thing, released by Plaza Zachodnia


Battlestar Galactica … dial up for internet … sci-fi aerial … signals … world receiver … the frequency catcher … signal from space talk … hear thunderstorms come … look up GQRX … the air is full of frequencies and voices and disturbances and you can pick them up with this tape..

Third Tape

“invite us to Athens to live … ”

d E – Cognition, released by EDA records

floating in space playing table tennis … if that thing comes from Athens I like Athens … playing ping-pong with a robot …VR-sick … explaining VR from experience … connect in the VR-world …the Return of the VR-you.. Future talk, The VR world of Radio On…welcome, VR Radio On … future talks about the internet …


The Radio On Prophecies!



Fourth tape

Aymeric De Tapol – Hache de Fer , released by Tanzprocesz

in real life you can’t take off your glasses  … The story of a person who saw himself walk away from him … towards … the end.




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