Lord Litter’s Radio On Show – I hear a new world

A new world? Probably we need to wait another one hundred years to see that one in action, and maybe mankind needs a strong telescope by then. As for now we go with the world we have. Is it a nice one, a great one, a small one, a grim one, a happy one? You need to choose your own definition. But whatever way you define your world, I hope it is also a world full of friends. Here’s a couple of Lord Litter‘s friends.

1. Joe Meek – Glob Waterfall
2. Joe Meek – Magnetic Field (excerpt)
1/2 CD, special edition, enhanced CD – I hear a new world


3. The NoMen with the Blue Giant Zeta Puppies – Valley Of The Saroos
4. The NoMen with the Blue Giant Zeta Puppies – I hear a new world
5. The NoMen with the Blue Giant Zeta Puppies – The Builblight
3-5 from CD – I hear a new world, a stereo fantasy, composed and devised by Joe Meek –

6. The NoMen – The Pain of Jazz


7. The NoMen – spontaneous Baby
8. The NoMen – Middle Class Blues
9. The NoMen – Black is Black
6-9 CD – The Pain of Jazz

10. Katie Anne Mitchell – Chapter 1: Origins
11. Katie Anne Mitchell – goodbye Eddie
10/11 double CD – The Many Lives of Mockingbird


Gen Ken Montgomery explain’s in-depth about the *Twenty-Seven Years Later* Cassette release
12. Gaston Bertin
13 Tom Dimuzio
14. David Lee Myers
15. Charles Goff III
16 Bill Buchen/Sonic Architecture
17. Mariano Airadli
18. Mark Lane
19. Small Cruel Party
20. AMK
12-19 word messages,20 Sound from MC *Twenty-Seven Years Later*

ELECTRONIC COTTAGE ……….compilation……………
21. Ditlev Buster – Welcome to the EC compilation
22. Don Campau – Too Hot for Hands
23. Walls of Genius – Escape of the Madman
34. Swami Loopynanda – Twisted in Space
35. Ken Montgomery – Kisses
36. Chris Phinney – Slap Shot
37. Hal McGee – microcassette assemblage for Electronic Cottage
> ELECTRONIC COTTAGE – alternative international community
dedicated to homemade & DIY experimental art and music, Cassette Culture, Mail Art and zines
> Electronic Cottage Magazine Issue One April 1989 (download)

38. Kris Gietkowski – A Visit to Newport Hospital – color vinyl LP

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