The alphabet of electronic music and everything that comes to mind while listening to this show: electronic music pioneers, Düsseldorf waves, Cosmic signals and the Berliner Brum. If LP’s could talk, you would hear a lot of silence…finally. Oh, and stop slamming those doors, please, that’s not the way to communicate with aliens.


Darrell Draeger’s “Facts Myths & Lies of D.I.Y Music 1987-1993” Cassette Culture Blog
1. ETAT DES STOCKS – Midnight – MC – Galactic Gigolo (1990)
2. Trio Caprice – CD – Subharmonic Mixtures
Oskar Sala


3. Gen Ken Montgomery – Overflow – CD – Stepping Through Rooms –

4. Eisberg – Rosasarot – CD – C.Q.D –

5. New Zero God – Charlie Boy – LP – Circus of Tortured Melodies –


6. Ken Elkinson – End of Message – CD – Music for Telecommuting vols 5&6 –

7. Levente – Pablo Picasso / The painter – Lost Works –


8. Radium 88 – Slave To The Algorithm – CD – Perpetual Motion Machine –


>> Chris Phinney Hit By Car, Driver Uninsured
9. Chris Phinney And Don Campau – come rain or come surface tension – CD – Scientific Standards
Chris was and is a very active member of the worldwide underground scene with his own music and his Harsh Reality label. In October of 2019, Chris Phinney was hit by a car while walking across a crosswalk in Midtown, Memphis, Tennessee. The driver does not have insurance. Chris had just attended the historical marker unveiling for the rock club Antenna, an establishment he worked at in the ’80s and ’90s as one of the booking managers. He is now wheelchair bound until he can fully heal. You can help.

10. Custard Flux – Echo – Deep Sea Exploration – CD

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