Who ?




Junie Crawford

Transmission art, sound collage for lonesome crooners out on the Range.










Agnès Pe – Mitt Paté

Kaleidscopic collage/ Audio Art / Madrid Underground






Lord Litter’s Radio On Show

A puzzling portrait of the Berlin subculture era.









Andreas Glauser – Brainhall Art Productions presents

In-depth presentations of the last developments of extreme musics from our man in Zürich



Lepke B – Various

Plundercollage, reform of pop music, hymns, England, the Beast



Antonio Mainenti – Various

Radio art: documentary, politics, mockery, radikal Italian music,



Anders Östberg – Music from my Collection

A radiophonic collage of 60s and 70s psychedelia and electronic music from very rare vinyls.








Alan Dunn  – Various

collage, plunderphonics, nostalgics, samples, England, work with students




Harold Schellinx – Various

Sonic actions


Simon Wade (The Wirebender)

Sounds from the immense On-U Sound archive that goes back to the founding years early 80s. Interviews, book readings, rare live recordings. Post-punk, reggaedub orientated.


Adrian Shephard

hosts live transmissions from concerts or poetry events in Berlin,
tape review show, scratched vinyl, reports.
Live Program-interviews at the Oranien Studio
founder of testcard
Adrian Shephard website



William Nurdin (Au Pays des Merveilles)

The Radio On edition of A Propos de Minos offers a ‘best of’ of this itinerant Radio Show. It can be perceived as a sonic report of Nurdin’s encounters during his travels and tours. The shows grant an insight in the various off-institutional DIY-scenes and the current state of audio/radio experimentations.



Don Campau (No Pigeonholes)

The Radio On edition of the long running No Pigeonholes show, with exclusively home-produced music and a firm link to the casstte culture of the 70s and 80′



Jason Honea – Brave Ear Radio

Live Program- Interview with guests and presentation of their work. (Music, poetry, prose)


Rinus Van Alebeek – Various

Live programs, interviews, tape review show, polish journal, collages.




Taishi Nagasaka – Cozmik Onion Lunch Time Radio

Taishi cooks for and talks with a guest, often plays world music.


anne f

Anne-F. Jacques – Sounds for post-peak oil

Abstract Radioplay, put together with sounds collected in a certain place at a certain moment. Friendly as a bicycle ride.


adrian+ mij

Adrian Shephard and Rinus van Alebeek host several Live programs on Radio On


Interviews, talks, reviews, soundworks