NEW! Michal Libera – The Tape Never Lies

“The Tape Never Lies” is an autonomous act of the institutional opera “Spoken Exhibitions” prepared by Sebastian Cichocki, MichaÅ‚ Libera, JarosÅ‚aw TrybuÅ› and Grzegorz PiÄ…tek. The audio drama in three acts draws its inspiration from non-mainstream projects, familiar only to a handful of specialists, in art, music and architecture – projects never carried out or missing documentation. Spoken Exhibitions are a textual collage divided into roles, composed of both existing and imaginary notes, manifestoes and postulates of artists. “The Tape Never Lies” by MichaÅ‚ Libera is a mockumentary bringing together…

NEW! – Kvitnu Mixtape – The Brightest Side of the Darkest Hour

The Kvitnu mixtape, a collection of works released on the Ukrainian label Kvitnu will be broadcasted first in the deepest of nights in Europe; but at more sunny hours for our friends and listeners at the other side of the ocean or the globe. The mixtape is compiled by label owner Dmytro Fedorenko. The tracklist 1. Sturqen – Xwartz 2. Critikal – Cheerful Nimiety 3. v4w.enko – Many Birds 4. Zavoloka – Dyvo 5. Kotra & Zavoloka – Tossed Torch 6. VNDL – Auvr 7. Plaster – Exoplasm 8. Kotra…

Brave Ear show on Soviet and Russian Underground – Guests Olga Nosova, Constantine Usenko and Alexei Borisov

If you read the following text right to the very end, you get an idea of the periods Alexei Borisov leaped through in this episode of Brave Ear Radio, hosted by Jason Honea. You get a lot of information and stories about the soviet years. Alexei, an experienced radio host himself, sometimes takes over, which is all the more pleasant because he has a very convincing radio presence. Constantine Usenko, a russian from St.Petersburg who grew up in Poland completes some of the stories, because they were topics in his…

New- Tuesday 18. February and other days. Au Pays Des Merveilles by William Nurdin

William Nurdin has brought us A Propos de Minos, which after a series of typos by yours truly (Milos, Miros, Mipos, Mikos, Mitos) and a reconsideration by William has changed concept and will now be called Au Pays De Merveilles. Based on an encounter with J. Szubarga and P.Sub in Cornimont (88. department) Au Pays Des Merveilles episode 2 is an intriguing play that combines radiophonics and fiction. Transmission is mostly at 23:00-24:00 Berlin time. Hear it on Tuesday 18. February and check the schedule for further broadcasts.

Wednesday 19. February – Radio On’s Kiev interview on Berlin and Potsdam Fm

In the early hours of Wednesday 19. February, Berlin’s CoLaboRadio will transmit our interview with Dmytro about the situation in Kiev. The original interview is edited to a sixty minutes feature with musics and sounds added from the Kiev based label Kvitnu. Transmission hour is 01:00-02:00 Berlin time. Please consult Senderberlin for FM-frequency and streaming options

Brave Ear Radio – Interview with Last Dominion Lost (Julian Percy, John Murphy, Jon Evans)

Jason Honea talks with three members of the industrial ensemble Last Dominion Lost. Julian Davis Percy, John Murphy and Jon Evans are from Australia, which is very far away from Europe. All three of them live in Berlin. I have no idea what Jason will ask or talk about: the sinister legacy of Nazi German that spooks around in the peripheria of the collective subconscious, Australian wild life or the hipsterisation of Berlin underground. You will for sure hear a lot of the musique noir by Last Dominion Lost. Here’s…

Tuesday 11. February – A Propos de Minos

The second episode of A Propos de Minos by William Nurdin is recorded in Nancy with Max Manac’h and Emilie Salquèbre (Take a tour on his website to get an idea of the things brut to come. And see it through her eyes) Once again this show leads the listener into one of the many epicenters of non-academic audio experimentations. A Propos de Minos episode 2 broadcasts first on Tuesday 11. February at 23:00-24:00 Berlin time.

11. February, Live Show -Cozmic Onion Lunch Time Radio vol.19 with Ainize Sarasola

Our resident cook Taishi Nagasaki is all ready to cook and have lunch with his guest in a kitchen somewhere in Berlin. Taishi’s own patchwork of portraits of mainly Berlin residents will be enriched to day by a spanish filmmker. In Taishi’s words (by now you should be able to hear him actually say this) “Hello, its already vol.19 !! This week, I invited my nice spanish artist friend,Ainize! She is going to talk about her films!yey! Her name is Ainize Sarasola Ugartemendia,She studied fine arts. What I mostly did…