Tuesday 10. September 20.00 Siberia for the Whole Family

From necrorealism to no-budget grindhouse, the history of Russian cinema from the 1980s until today is rich with various forms of deviation. To promote knowledge of this lunatic fringe, as well as for its own amusement, Cesip Xynic will discuss the merits of these deviations, expanding your list of movies to be watched and firmly establishing itself in your nightmares. Siberia for the Whole Family by Cesip Xynic will be broadcasted on 10.September from 20.00 to 21.00 Berlin Time and on 11.September from 01.00 to 02.00 Novosibirsk Time

EPW OFF by ANTON MOBIN airs Tuesday 10.September

EPISODE #3 – EPW OFF By Anton Mobin. The third episode of programs that French radio producer and sonic artist made exclusively for us in his own impressionist way has been broadcasted by Radio On during the last weeks. In case you missed it or would like to hear it again EPW OFF will air on Tuesday 10. September at 09.00 and 17.15 Berlin Time. Here is his Description “Since many years, I used to record my daily report on micro-cassette. These raw pieces of archive have never been edited…

Saturday 7. September – Radio On live from Staalplaat Store on World Wide Cassette Store Day

One week after the 50th birthday of the cassette, the humble medium celebrates an equally humble come-back on a world-wide cassette store day. Now it only needs a cassette release by one of the big sellers in the industry and Sony will consider to re-start the production of the walkman. During the afternoon, from 14.00 Berlin Time onwards we will transmit live from the staalplaat store in Berlin and play only cassette tapes. Among the tapes we bring are some of the first cassettes released by staaltapes in the early…