Radio On Neanderthal Love

This was supposed to be a Tape Review Show, and actually one or two tapes were played, but the show turned into a giant rant, mainly by Rinus against self-righteous behaviour on social media. So we hear stories about Romanian refugees, found tapes, Freddy and Elton, Dune, mules, neanderthal love, phobians, Bauhaus and the quest … Continue reading Radio On Neanderthal Love

Interview with Theo Ploeg

On an visit to Berlin with his students, Theo Ploeg came to the Radio On studio to talk about Bauhaus, Berlin, design, vaporwave, accelarationism, possible futures, living in an anti-city and whatever the evening had in store for us.   Hosted by Adrian Shephard and Rinus Van Alebeek You want to submit your works or … Continue reading Interview with Theo Ploeg