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The Nikolas Schreck Show – From Prussia With Love: Music to Spy By

Nikolas Schreck gets in the mood for radiodrama here on Radio On. As ever assisted by the mysterious Ania PsH and founding father Adrian Shephard, he pulls in a good deal of hard boiled pulp fiction to tell us a story. While the songs of singers and orchestra’s played back over a cheap hi-fi set slowly burn the brains of the secret agent, Nikolas and Ania get in the mood for cocktails, chandeliers and a good bowl of Russian borscht. Get that cigarette smoke out of your eyes and join…

Tobias Stone – History tells us what may happen next with Brexit & Trump

Some time ago Medium published an article by Tobias Stone. It was called ‘History tells us what may happen next with Brexit & Trump.’ It caught the attention of Radio On’s Adrian Shephard, who, as a Brit living in Berlin, has reasons to believe that Brexit is not the next best thing coming from the UK some sixty years after The Beatles went to Hamburg. An excerpt from the article might give you an idea what Tobias Stone tries to say. “(…) The collapse of the Roman Empire, Black Death, Spanish…

Tape Review Show with cassettes by Erik Levander and I Placca

The procedure in the Tape Review Show is very simple. One side of a tape release will be played in its full length. The tape itself and the art work will be described; artist name and label mentioned as well. Once the tape is finished Adrian Shephard and yours sincerely (=Rinus Van Alebeek) might discuss the tape or go into stories and events, obviously inspired by listening to the sounds. The first broadcast of the Tape Review Shows are always unnanounced and live from the Radio On studio in Berlin….

Jeff Reed – Disastronaut 36 Hours in Berlin, Interview

Before you start listening to the interview with Jeff Reed, who operates also under the moniker disastronaut, you might as well let go of all information you can find about him on the net. And if you have met him already, or belong to his circle of friends, then here’s a very nice portrait of him, a close-up made by Adrian Shephard, while Jeff was on a 36 hours visit to Berlin. Berliners, and those expats living in Berlin tend to forget about the near history. Yes, it is there, much…


The two founding fathers of Radio On met in Berlin right at the time when a small majority of British citizens voted for the UK to leave the EU. In three radio shows they expressed their views on the historic event. DisastroVille is a typical Rinus&Adrian show full of unexpected twists and turns, that takes the listener from biblical Sodom right to Southampton, the pilgrims, drunk sailors and toilet cleaners. In News Talk Adrian explains his view on British politics and politicians and expresses his disgust for the Etonian ethics….