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Adrian Shephard meets John Cooper Clarke in Berlin

haiku talk, haiku readings, poetry and magic, poetry talk, “a gift that sharpened into a skill,” indolence talk, professional poet, Charles Baudelaire, Pam Ayres talk, BBC televsion talk, “We’d never run out of conversation, Pam and I” adverts talk, massive flat fee and being treated like a king, how to become a star in a commercial, sugar puffs, “pure energy in a box” deflowerment talk, machine gun poetry and the erogenous effect, punk days talk, Howard Devoto talk and how JCC became a poet among punks, the glorious two punk…

The Tape Review Show – Nazlo Records + Spina!Rec

Jealous plants, mammoths, siberian winters, songs, Dr. Zhivago, particles, breathing techniques, Rudolf Hess the Scottish Tribesman in Spandau, Geisha in Poland, mummyfication and tapes. Tapes played were sent by Nazlo Records and one tape released on Spina!rec arrived from Poland together with a T-Shirt. You want to submit your works or tapes/CDs/Vinyls released by you or your label? Learn how to submit. * Please check the Schedule for broadcast hours/days * The most modest fundraising campaign you can imagine

15 August – 21.00BerlinTime – Live show with Christian Schiefner

Adrian Shephard and Rinus Van Alebeek host a live show with our guest Christian Schiefner. Christian will present his label Falt Records. He will play a couple of short live sets. Your Radio On hosts will try to discover how many stories are hidden in a single cassette. Tune in at 9pm Berlintime.

Excavation Series 7 – You/In/Be/Arc

Kev C. has sent us two tapes in the post. Both tapes got played and commented on our Tape Review Show. To be honest, the second tape didn’t get much airplay as such. It was used to add sounds in a spontaneous session with Jeff Surak and Adrian Shephard. (…) Back home, I played the tape in my kitchen. I liked it. It was the only tape I played for a couple of days. Kev had taken sound works from various places around the web, and had created a mixtape….

Don Campau – Tout S’en Va

Don Campau is our long time collaborator. He presents tracks from his vast collection of audio cassettes. He received these tapes since the 1970s. Listeners who tune in to his shows mor frequently slowly achieve knowledge about one of the biggest cultural movements that has existed, and in a newer version still exists: the cassette culture. Don is transferring now most of his tapes to Zeppelin City in the deep south of Germany, where they will become part of a cassette culture museum. As a result Don stumbles upon tapes…

Dai Coelacanth – Greek Seance / I’m your psychic

We don’t know anything about the person who calls himself Dai Coelacanth. The best thing you can do is to believe that this tape came to us as a message in a bottle, or rather as a tape in recycled and sealed wine box. Recorded in Greece, it said. On a Greek Island, observed by the Gods and the tourists visiting the home of those Gods. A tape almost ruined by the heat of the sun. And its content an onomatopoeic attempt to sound like the undertow that drags all the…

The Ben Roberts Show (part 2 of a trilogy on Ben Roberts and his found tapes)

In the second instalment of a special on Ben Roberts and his vast archive of found tapes we hear Ben introduce his work. Ben Roberts, a Brit in Madrid has been collecting found tapes ever since his youngest youth. What started in thrift stores in his hometown has developed into a fascination that borders at science. Gifted with a hypered sense of being able to read and see into the world that unspools before his very ears, he detects the signs of the past times. In the Ben Roberts Show he…

Don Campau – No Pigeonholes (cassettes 1985 – 1997)

It is always a pleasure to listen to a new show by Don Campau. There’s always a hidden gem; in this show The Cheese and their cheap kisses. The tracks he chose are mostly from the 80s, and not few of them remind of the music styles that were dominant back then. Don’s choice for this show is, well, a bit on the weird side, and a very enjoyable weirdness it is. Hear him introduce the songs, talk about the makers in this new edition of the cassette culture encyclopaedia….

Sophie Toupin – Talk on Operation Vula, Resistance and the early days of Hacking

Sophie Toupin from Quebec, Canada spoke at the fourth series of conferences organised by Disruption Network Lab in Berlin. She presented a case study that centered around Operation Vula, a resistance network based in the Netherlands that fought the Apartheid regime in South Africa. Hear a story about encrypted messages, stewardesses smuggling cassettes, ANC, Apartheid and the early years of computer. Sophie.Tweets Please check the Schedule for broadcast hours/days. Get the Radio On App