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Cassette Review: F. Ampism – Black Moss Pot

First I thought of ragdolls. They take on life and dance around in a children’s dreamstate. It is all very British, because these dolls are made in the Victorian age and bring memories of a grand empire, children wearing big straw heads, riding donkey-carts meeting an Indian Sultan on the back of an elephant. The image, I agree, was a bit silly. And the music on the tape shouldn’t stop there, even if you would think of a Powell and Pressburger movie, in which the chalk-faced dolls became actors and…

Cassette Review: Felice Sciorilli – Night Has Told Me

Yes, that is what I like. Right from the start the sounds transport me to an image of a white passenger ship rising high above communal houses in an Italian port. It is a picture from the 1960s when emigrants still travelled by boat. Among them were people who left their homeland the Netherlands to find their fortune in Australia, or in Canada. The boat on the picture lay alongside the quay in Genova. And Genova is an important harbour in the story of emigration. Thousands of people embarked every…

Tape Review Show – Cassettes by Sam Bakers and Acrid Lactations & Jointhee

In the Tape Review Show Adrian Shephard and yours truly (=Rinus Van Alebeek) play and review releases on cassette. You can have your cassette reviewed on our show too. But you need to send the cassette, we don’t do digital files. In the show we unpack the tape, describe the artwork, smell the paper, comment on this, sometimes use the sounds of the paper inlay and the cassette case to construct a short sonic intermezzo, and then we play one side of the tape. When the tape is over we…

The Tape Review Show with Loe Lof Lon (MuteAnt Sounds) and Flocculi (Tutore Burlato)

This edition of the Tape Review Show is a-typical. Apart from lecturing about fossiles in space we also review a CDr we received in the post. (Please remind, if you’d like to send something, to write ‘For Rinus’ somewhere on the envelope, and not at the top of the address list like in the picture above.) This is why: Gori Loeloflon wanted his music to be played by our radio very much. In fact he wants that everyone plays his music, and that’s why he gives it away for free….

Tape Review Show – Tutore Burlato special #3 with Grip Casino/Ezio Piermattei and Posset

The procedure in the Tape Review Show is very simple. One side of a tape release will be played in its full length. The tape itself and the art work will be described; artist name and label mentioned as well. Once the tape is finished, Adrian Shephard and yours sincerely (=Rinus Van Alebeek) might discuss the tape or go into stories and events, obviously inspired by listening to the sounds. The first broadcast of the Tape Review Shows are always unnanounced and live from the Radio On studio in Berlin….