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Savoldi/Cavallaro – Distorted Icons #2, Music Machines

Franci and Marghe read soviet magazines and start dreaming. In an old issue of Sputnik they find information about soviet music machines. In this episode of Distorted Icons they document the history of music in the Soviet Union. The show starts in the early years of the twentieth century and enters a strange universe of sounds, in which musicians become spies, and inventors built machines that bring all thoughts in one system… Take notes. And while you think of all you have heard, a mix of happy musics rounds of…

Tuesday 28 February at 16:00hrs – Interview with Brandstifter

We are all orphans here, too close to the fire, afraid it will go out soon. Under signs of lost cats in a rain of love letters torn to pieces we hide that the streets are words written in asphalt calligraphy; walking them, you become a reader of hidden language On Tuesday 28 February at 16:00 Berlin Time we will talk with Brandstifter.  We will exclusively discuss the weather and how it connects to the cosmology of the Alltag. So many links