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The Scratched Vinyl Show 4, Sunday Loops – By Adrian Shephard

Writing about the previous Scratched Vinyl Show, I mentioned the emblematic book about Berlin by Alfred Döblin, Berlin Alexanderplatz. From that book, the main character, Franz Biberkopf walks into the fourth Scratched Vinyl Show, only to disappear again. Biberkopf was tossed and turned by fate, and it was fate that brought his downfall. When Biberkopf appears, here and now, in this radio show, not a single listener will be aware of this fact. But it happens right at the beginning, when Adrian travels to the far west of Berlin to…

Lord Litter’s Radio On Show – Going to the Movies

LL goes to the movies. He grew up in Berlin. That’s why he knows what it means. Take a look at this list and discover for yourself, that the city you live or lived in, visited once or more often is, has figured in numerous movies. It is almost impossible to leave your house and avoid to walk right into an imaginary movie, or onto the streets that have become immortalized. So, if you are in Berlin, put on your headphones, connect to Radio On, and start visiting those movies….