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The Tape Review Show – Katuktu Collective, Magnetic State, Powdered Hearts Records, Weird Ear Records,

19th century seance – the dead – moving tapes – everything is frozen – concrete dinosaurs – feeling your inner skeleton – death is alive – talking about Tiepolo – mummies in Thailand – Japanese invasion in the studio – The Andy Birtwistle moment – Heiligensee in Stasiland – where is North – don’t drink tapehead cleaner – First tape played Erik Levander – couesnon, released by katuktu collective Swedish made easy for foreigners – ether anal kunde = ancient anal science – skeden spaelet = playing with skulls – discussing ambience…

Tape Review Show with cassettes by Erik Levander and I Placca

The procedure in the Tape Review Show is very simple. One side of a tape release will be played in its full length. The tape itself and the art work will be described; artist name and label mentioned as well. Once the tape is finished Adrian Shephard and yours sincerely (=Rinus Van Alebeek) might discuss the tape or go into stories and events, obviously inspired by listening to the sounds. The first broadcast of the Tape Review Shows are always unnanounced and live from the Radio On studio in Berlin….