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Live Show – 13 January, 20.00 Berlin Time

On the evening of the 13th of January 2019 the first live show of the year will see a special edition of The Tape Review Show. Shephard and Van Alebeek will open a packet sent from Moscow. Very mot probably they will find a couple of albums released by Bookwar, on vinyl. Yes we have a record player. Special guest in the studio is Giada dalla Bontà. An independent researcher, fluently in Russian, she knows about post-war Russian art, and has visited Moscow on more than one occasion.

Modified Tape Review Show – Thirsty Leaves, Fag Tapes, Power Moves, Bed Bugs

Played and reviewed One by Magam Rock and Roll Family Title I&II by Step-Son Fruit Rosary Sacred Hour Service by KWC The harbour of Saloniki, its narrow streets and the smell of grilled fish the importance of understanding small edition releases as regional products visiting an exhibition of slowly rotting fish and how that smells spitting an extract of hot chili peppers on a hot plate at the end of a performance and make your audience choke a tape from Toronto and a mysterie murder in a church power moles,…

Not Your World Music – Interview with Cedrik Fermont

Cedrik Fermont is one of the two authors of Not Your World Music, a book, so says the blurb “about art, politics, identity, gender and global capitalism.” And more specificly, you will find that the topics range “from academic electronic music to do-it-yourself noise in South East Asia.” The authors write about “contemporary and past noise, electroacoustic, industrial, experimental music and sound art in Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar/Burma, The Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam. The book is structured around “political, historical and sociological essays, exclusive interviews with artists and organizers.”…