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But then the hiding place turned into a trap and the gun fell to pieces. Hello hello my socks have been stolen I’m the Cannibal King this should not happen. Hide under the covers. You know what they are like. The confusion was understandable. The old Shemp wardrobe trick. The producers were trying to appeal to the Wasp women of Delta 7. Russians in the car-park looking for a deal. How’s the pilot doing she’s not looking right. Suzi puts in a call to Domestics. We can’t shoot here the…

The Tape Review Show – Guide to Bizarre Behaviour, Shits of the 2060s, Shaun Robert, Alexander Luchkin

Adrian Shephard and Rinus Van Alebeek host The Tape Review Show. The stories guide us into the world of culture and politics and way beyond. Art lovers might be interested in an indepth analysis of the works of Hieronymous Bosch. Berlin residents might be interested in a report on how to collect a postal package at the customs. Tapes and vinyl playeded and discussed: Various Artists – Guide To Bizarre Behavior Vol. 6 Anonymous – Shits of the 2060s Shaun Robert – Atavist Alexander Luchkin – Muzyka Elektrichek

Agnes Pé – Mitt Paté, Conversation A

Summer is hot. Listen to some pool sounds and sounds collaged near the pool. pool. slash. a bigger splash . waterbomb. water, cool water, splash again. underwater sound system. Summer is hot. Recorded in Lleida, Spain during a heatwave. tracklist dicksoak – Michael back // JOJceno – Conversation A // s1m0nc3II0 – r0ll Lo0p impr0visition // JOJceno – Cocc & Ball Torture // Kazumoto Endo – Itabashi Girl // Rape-X – Love, Devotion, Surrender // DSic – CODE425 // tran an – Heart shaped box Nirvana (ORGAN) // Noah Creshevsky…

Anders Ostberg presents Improvisation, Festival of Humanity and Hypnogogic Sound

Anders presents magic tracks from 1980’s cassette albums you probably never heard before. The sounds from these tapes are meant to bring you auditive hallucinations or to replace the sound of the ocean to calm your nerves. Best is to find out for yourself because there is more to sound than is dreamt of in your philosophy. Improvisation – ? – 198? Festival of Humanity – Planetary Peace – 1983 Hypnogogic Sound Vibration Tape – Valley of the Sun Publishing – 1982  

Dai Coelacanth – Return of the Cosmic Scorpion

Do Dai Coelacanth’s contributions to Radio On evolve into a sci-fi radioplay, a discardable walkman’s alternative to all paytv’s series? Be your own detective. Read his words. Maybe they sound familiar. Susan had joined a show band. I was asked to play trumpet. Not in the band. They wanted me to stand in a shop doorway. They liked my tone. They said it was undecipherable. We had been on the planet for twenty years and had failed to establish ourselves. We were there. We were alive. We were regressing. Susan’s…

Alexei Borisov and the New World

Alexei Borisov is a regular guest on our radio. Whenever he is in Berlin we are happy to host him in our studio and listen to his entertaining and informative stories that take us through different layers and levels of his experiences while living in the Soviet Union, present-day Moscow and beyond. Alexei has built an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the current state of the marginalised underground music of any kind and genre. A musician and experimentalist since the long gone 1980s, Alexei has visited the small and big places…

Dai Coelacanth – Crude Crayfish vs Cosmic Scorpion

Dai Coelacanth tells stories. You can’t tell where he is. The television signal is distorted. No telescope can find him. He lives on a distorted tape. He is one of the dust particles. He lives on the streets of Bangkok. He is friends with a woman called Suzy. She feeds him spiders. You want to submit your works or tapes/CDs/Vinyls released by you or your label? Learn how to submit. * Please check the Schedule for broadcast hours/days The most modest fundraising campaign you can imagine

20 March, 20.00-21.30 Rádio Nuda live from Prague

This evening sees another premiere on Radio On. Brutism or bruitism, or simply a new arrangement of the sounds that surround us? Tune in to find an answer to non-existing questions. Your host will be Romano Krzych. In his words: Post-Cage radio show, and ruled by Romano Krzych / O Reche Modo , Rádio Nuda restores the extraordinary and almost sickly musical bloom of our time to what it is: a sound of the world. Rádio Nuda works against collections, catalogs, fetishism – against the devils of the commodity Playlist…

Rinus Van Alebeek – Letter from Berlin

The audio reports ‘letter from Berlin’ are directly recorded on tape with a handheld walkman. In this episode: a bicycle ride on a winter’s evening to a venue in Moabit Berlin, encounters with Kris Limbach and Lorena Izquerdo, observations and excerpts from the concerts. You want to submit your works or tapes/CDs/Vinyls released by you or your label? Learn how to submit. * Please check the Schedule for broadcast hours/days The most modest fundraising campaign you can imagine ,