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Adrian Shephard: The Scratched Vinyl Show – The Xmas Edition

In the opening scene a twentieth century orphan sleeps under a christmas tree. The sun peeks in through a hole in the curtains. It is nine o’clock in the morning on a sunny day in February. The christmas tree is still alive. … believing in the bearded guy … don’t question the present … inherited Maltese memories smell of whiskey and bread … the early morning bars in Plymouth … the pet store massacre … wounded by watership down … In the key scene a little girl enters the house….

The Scratched Vinyl Show #5 – A tribute to Saulius Čemolonskas

All the records for this show were found on a flea market on the same day as the program was recorded. And so it begins …May 2001.. A friend of Adrian, Saulius was employed as a catholic priest for a testcard performance installation ‘inside’ a Lewes Church as a graveyard for computers using early pattern recognition s/w (big eye from Steim). The audience were literally invited to destroy the computer graves with hammers. Babies crawled on a floor of smashed monitor screens and a big cross made out of TVs…