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Isn’t everything poetry? Readings with Ken Shakin, Robert Stastny, Ida Loggert and many anonymous others

The Curious Fox Book shop on the Flughafenstrasse in Berlin presents regular poetry evenings. Before the break invited poets read their poems, after the break poets in the audience, mostly announced by their first name step up, and cheered by the audience, read their short serious, intimate or hilarious poetry. I don’t know how the evenings would evolve if Guinness were consumed by the gallons. You can hear from the reactions that everyone has a very good time, and that the readings, organised by David Gordon, are a welcome contribution…

Isn’t Everything Poetry – January ’17 Poetry Readings at Curious Fox Book Store in Berlin

I like these evenings. And I was never there. But it is one of those happenings in town of which I think that they should exist; they should exist for ever. It is the same with people who write long letters on paper and send them to friends who might live around the corner or on another continent. In times of Proust letters were written in the morning, send out and in eager anticipation of the returning post a new letter was written to be send out in the evening….

Curious Fox Poetry Evening parts 1 and 2 – Isn’t everything Poetry?

Once there is nothing left to hate time has come to smile at your bank account and donate donate donate Every now and again I see the concept ‘post-internet.’ I am sure it means something, and the combination of the words ‘post’ and ‘internet’ is surely daring. Still. There are things between heaven and earth that internet doesn’t think of, like a tradition of communicating that existed before the birth of the world wide web. I mean correspondence or diaries. In the old days poetry looked like it was meant to age…

The Definitive Jason Honea Interview by Adrian Shephard

Jason Honea was born in Japan, because his father was with the US Marines. He grew up in California. Here’s already two ingredients for the interview. Jason, born story-teller, heir to the beat generation as well as to the beaten down generation, continuously picking poetry from the Berlin clouds, tells his insides out in a one hundred-fortytwo minute long talk with Adrian Shephard. Get stories as Jason virtually goes through his eternal record collection, recalls his years in California or takes you on a dream trip to present-day Berlin. Panzer…

Curious Fox Bookstore – Poetry Readings

As Adrian Shephard says in the introduction with his snooker live report careful whisper voice, the evening at the Curious Fox Bookstore welcomes budding writers and poets. Listen to a series of readings in front of a living and willing live audience. Please check the Schedule for broadcast hours/days. Get the Radio On App

Adrian Shephard – Curious Fox Books Poetry Night

Curious Fox is the name of an english bookstore in the Flughafenstrasse of Berlin Neukölln. You will find it in a street filled with thrift stores and pilgrims on their way to Mecca. There is also obscure sports bars, illegal brothels, and the usual critical mass of night shops and phone booths. It is on your way to upper Neukölln and the Tempelhof. In need of a second hand book? You will find it there. To celebrate their one year anniversary they organized a poetry evening. The store was packed….

Brave Ear Radio by Jason Honea w/Giorgio Gabber and Melanie Sevcenko

Brave Ear Radio is Jason Honea’s ongoing attempt to present and understand the vibrancy and diversity of the city he lives in, Berlin. His guests on this show are Giorgio Gabber who runs the cassettelabel Das Andere Selbst and Melanie Sevcenko from whose press release we learn that she “is a journalist and poet.” In the first part of the show Giorgio talks about his label, plays different tracks from his releases and tries to find an answer to Jason’s questions about ‘Berlin’ ‘Night’ ‘Dirt’ ‘Sound’ ‘Advice’ ‘Design’ ‘Dissatisfaction’ ‘My…