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Anders Östberg – Down to my very last tear : : Part 2: The sun went away

Every seven months Anders Östberg sends in a one hour mix of songs and sounds taken from his vast collection of singles and lp’s. He started in April 2014. Each show has a different theme. This time he decided to compile a follow up to his garageband obscurities. Each heart can be broken an infinite amount of times and the sea of tears will never dry up. Don’t put your head between your knees, stand up and celebrate your misery. Rejoice. Dance. Anders simply says: “Second installment in my series….

Anders Östberg – Golden hued antique musical lithographs. A whimsical journey to Toytown. Music from my collection.

Anders Östberg is with Radio On since April 2014. Every seven months he sends a new show. Each show is built around a theme. The songs you hear are taken from his vast collection of records. Most of the time the shows are related to cultural or fashion movements in the 1960s and 1970s, movements that appeared for a brief moment and disappeared again, without hardly leaving a trace. Anders shows can be regarded as collections of oddities, but if you look and listen deeper you will see the image…