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Rinus Van Alebeek presents Radio di Vetro -Trilogy-

  Radio di Vetro is a three part radio program, that was first broadcasted live from Rome. It was an unofficial official part of the Teatri di Vetro festival. The three parts are called Masquerade A Short History of Theatre Cut Heads Cut Money   While in Masquerade the content is made up of tape noises put together in an abstract collagist way, the second and third part are informative and give insight in power relations and historic characters (fictional or not). The third, conclusive part contains a manifesto of…

RETROGRADE by Alan Dunn and Manchester School of Art

Alan Dunn started his career here on Radio On with his plunderphonic joyrides of britpop, radiovoices and historical events. It had a taste of nostalgia, bliss and the ordinary, maybe the essence of British pain. A new development in his contributions were the works he did with others, as an educator and an aritst. Retrogade is a fine collage with a slight hint of 20th century science-fiction, and, surprisingly enough, it is also an artistic evolution of the close-to-life documentaries, shot with handheld camera that were introduced in the 1970s….