Introducing, Coherent States

Coherent states is a tape label based in Greece. They have a philosophy. It would be awkward if they didn't. Coherent States is run by Manolisangion. Find out everything about Coherent States Buy everything from Coherent States Listen to everything from Coherent States Track list 1. Tarquin Manek & Ying-Li Hooi - Live at Domus … Continue reading Introducing, Coherent States

Dai Coelacanth – Spiral Worm Show

VHS pigs glam creeps I don’t want to read this anymore it’s making me sick are you the Memory Man the Colonel adjusted his cloak wiping transmissions smearing them up the wall I can honestly say that I detest the past and all who live there ghost dream emitter flesh psychic on rewind fiver a … Continue reading Dai Coelacanth – Spiral Worm Show

Introducing: Ruton Music

In our series dedicated to small (tape-) labels set up and run by artists we present Ruton Music from Finland. The mix was compiled by the label owners and is a labor of love and radio art in itself. Ruton Music is a cassette label founded in April 2011 by musician Jussi Lehtisalo and film … Continue reading Introducing: Ruton Music

Dai Coelacanth – Morose Socket Resurection

To listen to Radio On click here Where do you want me to put this keyboard have you had your dinner stop masquerading as death fiction your boots stink loop travelers are creeps we don’t give them time for nostalgia we hit them with a new episode every couple of minutes three for a fiver … Continue reading Dai Coelacanth – Morose Socket Resurection

Lord Litter’s Radio On Show – The wonderful world of The Hermanos Guzanos

To listen click here Lord Litter resides in Berlin. He is one of the pivotal figures of the legendary cassette culture days. He never stopped making music. He never stopped making radio shows. He never stopped making friends. He never stopped supporting home-grown music. And he is always going through his record collection to find … Continue reading Lord Litter’s Radio On Show – The wonderful world of The Hermanos Guzanos

Gavin Morrow presents Grey Frequency

To listen click here Grey Frequency is the music project of British audio and visual artist Gavin Morrow. Through the manipulation and composition of electronics, field recordings and found sounds, he explores themes of memory, modern mythology, and the world of audio disintegration. Morrow is a part of the Lincoln-based Weird Garden collective, and co-runs … Continue reading Gavin Morrow presents Grey Frequency

Introducing: Third Type Tapes

To listen click here ThirdTypeTapes is founded in the summer of 2012. It operates from Brussels in Belgium. It is run by four persons whose names are known at the bureau of Radio On. Upon our request they have compiled a mix of the releases. Link -> ThirdTypeTapes Track list: Terrine (Live recording, released on … Continue reading Introducing: Third Type Tapes

Dai Coelacanth – Pleasures of the worm gang

To listen click here Three rat love stink love hair phone slug hair envelope of conjecture dirty mud thickening in passionate gravy hypnotic lungs forfeit the fix Dracula's girls trancing with Earwig mechanical worm their lusty dream powered by freakish coma sister. Glamorous. Primordial. Check the schedule for broadcast hours Please get in touch if … Continue reading Dai Coelacanth – Pleasures of the worm gang

Dai Coelacanth – Rat Brain everything is ok

To listen click here Narcs recede into the guts of the broadcast perverse worms desperate ghouls pigs on the mound these tapes stink where did you get them vampire radio werewolf radio Frankenstein radio Orson had a hot time with the simulacrum from S-87H3I maximum unge burnt his whiskers off I can hardly recognise him … Continue reading Dai Coelacanth – Rat Brain everything is ok