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Adrian Shephard and Nikolas Schreck went out for an excursion. They visited the site of the Führerbunker in Berlin.

You will hear about Nikolas’ first visit back in the year 1983, some facts that you have always wanted to know about Hitler’s last days, a description of what the place looks like in the year 2020.

Nikolas also explains how the current corona lockdown should be a blessing for artists, and concludes with an important message for all of you who follow conspiracy stories.

pictures führerbunker site 1988

Nikolas Schreck interviewed for Radio-on historical series at the Führerbunker Berlin 12.05.20 By Adrian Shephard.
Music intro and Outro ‘Walpurgisnacht’ – Radio Werewolf

Berlin, Garden of zerstˆrte Reichskanzlei

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