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Weiwei says

In February 2020, some of my friends in China told me a few unusual dreams that they had. Two months later, my friends in Europe and myself started to have strange dreams, too. So I asked everyone to send me a voice message telling their dreams. Then I turned them into digital drawings, and displayed the images on a monitor screen in a gallery.

For a month, I had this screen facing the street glowing day and night. It displayed one static image of one dream each 24 hours, accompanied with the corresponding recording, which passing audiences could listen to with their phones. By the end of May, I had collected 18 dreams in total. They were all shown as an exhibition in Bauchhund Salonlabor, Schudomastr. 38 Berlin until June 14.

Chronologically, the dreams and the names are:

Dirty Floppy Disk, a dream by Auguste, recorded on 06.04.2020.
Pope Cooking Polenta, a dream by Clyton, recorded on 12.04.2020.
A Ship Drives Into a Glass Wall, a dream by Weiwei, recorded on 05.04.2020.
Brennholz in the Woods, a dream by Etkin Cekin, recorded on 02.04.2020.
A Perfect Fried Egg on Stairs, a dream by Kamil, recorded on 22.04.2020.
Swimming with Celebs, A dream by Nina Guo, recorded on 02.04.2020.
Boat House, a dream by Auguste, recorded on 06.04.2020.
A  cette époque déjà je te cherchai, a dream by Romain Bertheau, recorded on 17.04.2020.
The Sound of Falling, a dream by Borys Slowikowski, recorded on 02.04.2020.
Holding Two Luffas, a dream by Chen Pai’an, recorded on 10.04.2020.
Glitchy Mirror, a dream by Weiwei, recorded on 05.04.2020.
I Was About to Fall Asleep, a dream by Auguste, recorded on 15.04.2020.

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