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As you could guess we are entering the new Middle Ages – and some of us have their own towers already – Alex told me yesterday on the roof of our tower that ‘bastilia’ literally means tower – who could know – anyway, this time we decided to gather in the middle of the summer, I guess 15th or 16th of July at our friend’s tower – that’s a straight edge freegan tattoo commune on the central railway station – sounds totally absurd, but that’s a real place – so we had to borrow a speaker from wonderful painter Pavlik Kuznetsov, who used to run another place, where we made a lot of events during 2019 – when we brought it back there was a huge cop sitting on the first floor, we were speaking about weed when we entered, but he didn’t pay attention to us – this was the last time I visited Bloopers, it is closed now after the long story of not having money, situations with cops, quarantines, ods and violence – anyway, I got distracted, so we made this event while they were having a suspension session – the suspended guy called Leonid and he was screaming really lound to the last set which happened to be a mellow ambient.

The order of performances was – Paraplegic Twister, furrr, dolphin hospital, Цибуля, Dalila Delarosa. The pictures show the guys before suspension in a special small tower in the corner of a bigger tower, Nastya from Цибуля with diy bass-guitar and Dalila playing while suspended Leonid was screaming along – nice evening in general and on the next day when I came to collect stuff I was lucky enough to borrow a psychic bible in russian signed by Genesis P-Orridge – can you fucking imagine this??

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