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Lord Litter has no intention to lead you to the abyss. And if this show will inevitably take you there, don’t be afraid. You will learn how to fly while listening.

1. Shaun Robert – understanding – album – acoustic8

2. Hal McGee – Wide Open Spaces (excerpt) – CD – EC Split 1

>>> Mick Magic‘s Music & Elsewhere …………………………………………………..
3. Hal McGee – “Hal B-12” (Side B, 2nd Segment) – Data Collection – Decadion 2 –

RECOMMENDED if you want to experience the incredible variety of the Cassette Culture

(Music & Elsewhere, M&E 25-01, 2017)
Includes 30 albums by 30 bands from 30 nations, spanning our United World Underground, all in 320kbps mp3 format, along with bonus tracks and other items from many of them. Comes complete with a 64 page A4 (PDF) booklet, all presented on a DVD-R data disc in a clear Amaray collectors case with a compilation CD.

(Music & Elsewhere, M&E 25-02, 2019)
A best of selection, featuring around 25 minutes apiece from 70 of the finest bands / artistes to appear on the label, plus a 90 minute compilation, all in 320kbps mp3 format. Comes complete with a 60 page A4 (PDF) booklet, all presented on a DVD-R data disc in a clear Amaray collectors case. Comes with a free CD too!

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4. BeNe GeSSeRiT and MA.L. – Ces jolis yeux – 3 MC – CONFINED !!
> An Introduction Into The Insane World Of Alain Neffe –
> Belgium Underground : interview of Alain Neffe (English subtitles) –

5. Girls On Fire – Hot Pockets Heiress
6. Girls On Fire – Can’t get enough Interprenetration
artist: – CDEC Split 1

7. Raymond Scott – IBM MT-St (The Paperwork Explosion) – double CD – Manhattan Research, Inc.-
> extensive German Infos

8. Jack Elister – Korytarz
9. Jack Elister – Das Rufen
8/9 – vinyl LP – Lichtpyramide

10. kp – Chromosomatic errors
11. Kim Wild 93 – Peeping
10/ 11 MC – Make Incest Great Again – “With authoritarian regimes and leaders a lot depends on image. To me, authoritarian regimes and leaders inspire repulsion.” Staaltape – This tape is inspired by the TRUMP family. – in-depth german review

12. Jingle: Make America Great Again .. get rid of Trump… CORONA or no CORONA .. the lying cheater has to go – now!!!

13. MOVIE recommendation …………………………….

DEEP IN THE FOREST by Jeremy Dylan Lanni
A group of progressives are forced to hide out at a remote ski lodge during a near-future civil war between the American Right and the American Left. Written as plausible fiction a few years ago, Deep in the Forest becomes terrifyingly more topical every day.

Recommended(!!!) “Anywhere USA”, a disturbing film for disturbing times, daring to ask the uncomfortable question, “How on earth did we get here?” also by writer, director Jeremy Dylan Lanni.

14. John Townley – Flisackowa Zona
15. John Townley – Aligator Man
14/15 – CD – The Old sailor

16. Anton Barbeau – Fear of Flying
17. Anton Barbeau – Savage Beak
16/17 CD – Manbird

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