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“Ben Roberts uses tape recorders and old records. He has a vast archive of found recordings. His work stretches way beyond appropriation of found sounds or commercial music. Through layering, different speed and intelligent use of spoken fragments, he reproposes a different view on modern (Spanish) history. One could almost state that this approach results in -forgive the word- proletarian art. And for those who know and would like to hear this, his work is also very strongly rooted in a critical reconsideration of the Spanish civil war and the Franco regime and their effects on present day Spanish society. Apart from this aspect which only exists in the catacombs of my personal socio-political thoughts, Ben’s work is a big pleasure to listen to. Archiving can be so much fun!”

                                                                                        -Rinus van Alebeek

Ben Roberts

Undae radio, Madrid

La Tortuga, Madrid


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