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It all happened on 9/11, dear radio on diary, you probably could guess why – I mentioned there are two towers not far from each other (but not close) almost in the center of Moscow, the first is our noise studio and solitude castle \ summer satanic yoga outdoor studio and the second is a leftist freegan tattoo commune.

So we decided to make a double event simultaneously on both towers (no one visited both by the way, probably too lazy), second, on the tattoo tower was organized by tala, our future female Russian Merzbow, and the first (no need to explain what is first) – by us if someone asks for the meaning of this action and symbolic interpretation or motives behind it – I could only say that I personally was hoping that a plane will crash into me personally as I do every other day – all the rest is not so important.

First three acts were on the top floor (but it was too cold for the roof already), then 2 downstairs with khaaab’s oscilloscope made of old tv set – we planned more tv-related stuff, but it’s not easy to make people carry tv sets to the 7th floor without elevator – only he was able to do such stuff, but he is not any more, because he broke his leg after this party while living in our country house – to avoid paying for the ticket you can run from the authorities and jump off the platform – but this can be dangerous as you can assume – so my opinion is it was all because of vaping and it is not suitable for everyone

And the last one was upstairs again and basically for 2 listeners by the 2 performers – or there could be someone else, this does not matter much. We also screened a movie during the event, a film by Krzystoph Oransky “ruslan:the movie” showing some eclectic vhs footage of our life 5 years ago – it was collecting dust together with the camera for years and finally we made English subtitles for it and Dashe screened it on her crazy punk cinema festival in Amsterdam in some abandoned prison building (she’s coming back to Russia soon from nl, oh oh)

What happened on the second tower will remain unspoken as it’s out of my concern.

As for the two images – one depicts the top floor of the space and Kosmos either making this sign or erasing it – depends on which legend do you prefer. The second is also a shot on 35 mm, developed by me, but accidentally multi exposed most probably by Agatha who took my camera to some vicious traditionalist quarantine outdoor party once – I was a bit scared they could break it, because it’s a lucifer’s toy or something, but I guess everything went well not sure why is it here also – maybe I just like the birds – did I mention I recently heard that word inauguration literally means ‘receiving signs from birds’? 

timeline is the following

00:00 – 00:39:30 dolphin hospital + psee

00:39:30 – 01:13:20 fesikl mikensky

01:13:30 – 01:22:00 cisfinitum

01:22:00 – 02:13:55 khaaab + church of hate

02:13:55 – 02:28:10 группа вера вишневая (cisfinitum + fake_trailers)

02:28:10 – 02:56:40 lisokot + dolphin hospital 

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