Lord Litter’s Radio On Show – ft. Roger Ruskin Spear special

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Stories, dreams, music that change into paths or alleys in a metropole. If you think hard, and reach the point that the music is so loud that you don’t notice it anymore, at that very precise moment, life’s mood might have become existential.

track list

1.  McThing – She Escaped from an Asian grooming Gang
2.  McThing – Yanks and Guns – Assholes
2/3 – CD – These songs are about you

3 / 4. Lieutenant Caramel and Shaun Robert – excerpt – CD – Cartes Postales des Archipels

5. Didier Leboz – Metaphysical (talk_over_soundscape) ‘specially produced for me!

>>> Darrell Draeger’s “Facts Myths & Lies of D.I.Y Music 1987-1993” Cassette Culture Blog
6.  Draeger/Fioretti – MC – Dreamstate

7. The Ethix – Bad Trip – single

8. Big Leather – Borrow An Opinion – MC – A Night With Big Leather

9. Life In A Blender – The Ocean is a Black and Rolling Tongue – CD – satsuma

10. Two Headed Emperor – Dawn Chorus
11. Two Headed Emperor – Cash Cow
10/11 – CD – Goldhanger Creek

12. Kreisky – Pipelines – CD – Blick auf die Alpen  

13. Roger Ruskin Spear – Roger Ruskin Spear – Release Me – EP – Rebel Trouser
Roger Ruskin Spear Interview 
Roger Ruskin Spear and his Robots 

14. Spike Jones and his City Slickers – Rhapsody From Hunger – Strictly for music lovers, 4 CD Set
Spike Jones and the City Slickers – Feb.11-1951 
Spike Jones all Girl band 

15. Antoine Villoutreix – Regenschirm – CD – Promenade  

produced and presented by Lord Litter

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