Sunday 28th of February at 20:30 Berlin Time, the Hausmeisters of Radio On, Adrian Shephard and Rinus van Alebeek will make a live appearance on T.A.T.V.

The wonderful T.A.T.V. is initiated by experimental filmmaker Kris Limbach. We at Radio On hope that T.A.T.V. will become a regular feature, nay, a landmark in Berlin’s cultural cityscape, with more frequent appearances.

The manifest says:

Leaving format dogmas and time constraints behind T.A.T.V. is an autonomous zone to test drive a micro republic of experimental performance practices, a T.V. station touching its limits of control.
Temporary Autonomous Television (T.A.T.V.) is a 3 day constant stream. Rendering absurd profitableness and commodification of art as an easy consumable product in our optimized lifestyles is one of the objectives of this undertaking.

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