nazlo still exists in 2021

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Our correspondent in Moscow was locked in by snow and ice. Still he managed to get a show together. In a one hour mix you hear recent and upcoming releases from Nazlo Records. Voices by random and not so random people were added in between tracks.


Memory Fail Safe feat. Shostakovich – Those who make noise (Unreleased yet, Nazlo 2021)

Cisfinitum & Пахом – Licht Brucke (excerpt from 23, 93!, Nazlo 2021)

Dolphin Hospital – Nun (Weird Nights 2021)

furrr – B (hidden track from Untitled, Nazlo 2020)

Davide de Martino – Untitled 01 (from Untitled, Nazlo 2021)

Church of Hate – Electromagnetic environment (excerpt, from Техническая Эстетика, Nazlo 2020)

Rombix – Bearlog Dance (from Bearlog Dance, Nazlo 2021)

mineral market – Helminthology museum (excerpt from Helmintology mix, Nazlo 2020)

Rámon Merkader – xxvi  (Unreleased yet, Nazlo 2021)
rachel bonch-bruevich – 0 (excerpt, from Reels, Nazlo 2020)

Vindfængsel – Swiet Niezdiesznij (from You Can’t Regret What You Don’t Remember, Nazlo 2020)

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