It is the 25th edition of Taishi’s Lunch time show. It is six months now that he receives guests in his kitchen, cooks for them, has lunch, talks with them and plays some fine exotic music as well. Guests were mostly from Berlin, operating in various scenes. Sometimes a guest was stopped by a snow storm, sometimes Taishi decided to eat alone, and present us one of his discoveries, from the far, near or middle east, and play their songs.

This time, again a guest.

Ritagli Regina (Berlin Samba)

In Taishi’s words:
“Hello, listeners

Its vol 25 now. Today my friend will interview me for her new project called, Berlin Samba.

So she will interview me and I will interview back to her on the radio, wow, it will be complicated!! hehe

The project is about your relationship between you (its me this time) and the city and is trying to explore Berlin, throw different points of view.But… it is thru me?? I hope its fine!!




Everything started with love.

Three years here.

I wanted to wait to say something about you.

No easy enthusiasm.

Now what i tell you is true and lived.



Magic staff.





Good energies.

Bad energies.

Now i’m ready to dance with you.

My only true love.


Berlin samba.

Cozmik Onion Lunch Time Radio with guest Ritagli Regina broadcasts first on 15.April 13:00-14:00 Berlin time (-1 for UK) (+7 for Japan). Check the schedule at the end of the page, or keep an eye on the twitline for future re-broadcasts