Modulisme session by Benge

I used 13 self-contained systems for this mix-up. Each one was recorded in real-time with no overdubs or edits. So in other words I set up a patch on the system at hand and either let it do its thing as a self-playing patch, or interacted with it and manipulated the parameters in real-time to create each piece. Some tracks were played more from the keyboard (if the system had one) and others were more self-sequencing. I tried to let the machines speak and I went with the flow as much as possible.”

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Modulisme is a platform supporting Modular Synthesis. A radio program championing the use of analog instruments, the use of electricity to sustain a sound produced with a musical intent, BUT what matters is the composition itself, the research/creation process, its interpretation/result and not the tools to achieve what composers may have in mind. It does not need be modular only.