Coherent states is a tape label based in Greece. They have a philosophy. It would be awkward if they didn’t. Coherent States is run by Manolisangion.

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Track list

1. Tarquin Manek & Ying-Li Hooi – Live at Domus (excerpt)

2. Alessanda Novaga & Stefano Pilia – Glimpse #1

3. Bardo Todol – Rápido Contra el Bastoo Mostaad / Adagio Espejo Podrida Siempre

4. Costis Drygianakis & Matt Atkins – C2

5. Diktat – Comète

6. Fleshtone Aura – When Petals Blew Into The Bacon Fat

7. Gaël Segalen – Mountain East

8. Tanner Garza – 1900 (excerpt)

9. Grisha Shakhnes – A Serious Matter (excerpt)

10. Karen Konstance – The Half Z (excerpt)

11. Glands of External Secretion – Roilling Box Of Tar

12. Girls on Tape – A Brief Promenade

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