After a very long time Adrian Shephard and Rinus van Alebeek return to the studio and open packets that arrived eons ago. They talk about the finishing covid-era, Maltese citizenship and the junkie park. The show was recorded at the end of January 2022 when the Russian troops were at the border with Ukraine. The situation is discussed and the prediction shows how unimaginable the reality turned out to be.

Then they continue, start unpacking and listening. Stories about sonic signals in warehouses, life-changing experiences in a bathtub, people seeing a ship going down, the hot summers in the south of Italy, Italy Calvino and a mysterious packet with smells from Japan, beautiful stamps. Adrian sings a newly invented version of NewYork-NewYork. And everywhere there is water.

The CDs were sent by Canti Magnetici, a label based in Taranto, Italy.

Sorgente by Devid Ciampalini and Waterfront by Gaspare Sammartano.

The tape was sent from the past, in fact from a place so very distant in history that no internet existed at that time. Try to find him: Kazuhiro Ohtsuka and his short lived label Trial Run tapes. We are talking 1989 here.