A new show at the wirebender, compiled by Simon Wade. Again a choice from his selection that gives an insight in the creations of last century. This special one documents how Bowie’s avant-garde pop is used as a source for inspiration.

In Simon’s words:

“Rex Offender’s mix of early Bowie Electronica caught the attention of Carlos Alomaralomar

who was very enthusiastic about it and contacted me, congratulating me by email.Less enthusiastic were the legal team at Soundcloud who took it down shortly afterwards!

Undeterred I re-present a mix of David Bowie’s electronic  instrumentals.
Having listened back over the proceeding year I’m caught by its simplicity and the amazing combination of guitar and synthesiser. I envy Fabba -J for having seen Bowie play keyboards in 1977 for Iggy Pop at the Rainbow Theater in London.
What a show that must have been?


During this time period I hooked up with Johny Rocca rocca1who agreed to collaborate via “TV painting” for the mix. Johny has agreed to share the visuals with Radio On via You -tube clips.
It was my first on line collaboration via the internet and was inspired by the Michael Clarke Companymichael c “Come Been Gone at the Barbican”

Also included in the show are recordings from Ian Fears  “Spacehead ” and a rare recording of Capsule module 111 module iv and v”

The broadcast hours for this show will be announced very soon