Welcome back to Totallyrealprobablynotfake Radio. We are still your hosts Sam Lievens and Wayne Shott. Join us once again as we wander again through the 4th dimension weaving together soundscapes for your glistening, listening pleasure. This episode will bring you another informative update from A. Yester Crowdlee at his office in Tandem New Jersey. It will also feature our first ever radio play, a mockumentary about work. As well as the usual full bouquet of songs by artists such as FAT KID, Zmog and Shovel is a tool to name a few. Enjoy and have a jolly day.

track list

1. Cop out, Food is a weapon, Cop out 15

2. Army, Graffiti People

3. Dumb like a fox, Royal canadian taxidermy, Worm Holes

4. Dig up bones, Zmog, PUN

5. Awake, Graffiti People, That’s Right! It’s The Graffiti Peep Hole 1967-1975

6. Poison Ivy, FAT KID