Don’s new show is in his own words “part 1 of a special “Outsiders” program of weirdo home tapers, lo fi freaks, damaged and sensitive minds, reclusive personalities, etc.”


Be prepared for a lot of obscure music, some of which only lives its eternal life as a lost or dusty tape.

Playlist Outsider Special Part 1

Fish Karma/ Die Like A Dog/ Lunch With The Devil/ Deepshag CD (USA) 2001
Steven Tetzloff/ My Time/ Beautitude/—cassette (USA-CA ) 1984
Ginger Leigh/ Pop Tart Pussy/ Anal Bliss/—cassette (USA- CA) 1987
Fred Frantic/ I Wish I Was A Sex God/ Fred Frantic/—cassette 1996 (UK)

Harald Sack Ziegler/ Schokolade/ Punkt/ Staubgold CD (GER) 2005
Fustercluck/ WomanBabyChildLadyGirlMamaWoman/ Free/ Vaorine CD (USA) 2000
Lawrence Salvatore/ I’ll Absorb Your Pain/ I Love You ( Say It With Bricks)/—cassette 1985 (USA-IL)

Kenny & The Clingtones (Dan Fioretti with Ken Clinger) / If Only/ Theoretically The Cow Does Not Exist/—cassette (USA) 90s
Dan Fioretti/ What’s Going On/ Talking With Billy Bragg About Paying The Taxes/—cassette (USA-NJ) mid to late 80s

Larry Mondello Band/ Fireworks / The Warbler Mondello Music cassette 1994 (CT)
Weather Nouveau aka Ken Hunt/ Why I Drive/ Electrothuggery/—cassette 1987 (USA-WA)
Pope John Paul The Third/ Choplifter/ Pope John Paul The Third/ Mishap CD (USA) 2000?

KIng Steve & MC Nameless/ Thunder/ European Answer/—cassette (Germany) 89?
Costes/ Beautiful Lies Better Than Pretty Cars/ Lung Farts/ —CD (FR)
Ryan J. Boyd/ Sacred Burials Brand Names/ The World And Its Parts/—CD (USA-CA) 2012?
The Fungus Moth/ I Must Go Down To The Sea Again/ Inspired Scenes/—CD (UK) 2014

The Peace And Freedom Band (Andy Savage-Paul Rance-Andy Bruce)/ Your Song In Flying/ Eh?/ Tapeworm Tapes (UK) mid 80s
Bob Xark/ Video Images/ Gargoyle Wings/—CD ( USA-NY) 1997
Jad Fair & Nao Ishimaru/ Our Love Has Come/ Half Robot/ Sakura CD (USA/JP) 90s

Broadcast times for August Every Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 00:00-01:00. Every Friday and Saturday 02:00-03:00. Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 21:00-22:00 Berlin time (-9 for San Diego, Ca)

The No Pigeonholes radio show is a result of Don’s direct involvement with the cassette culture, the vast network of home-produced cassette exchangers that anticipated the internet, its social networks and the whole shabam of netlabels and free downloadable musicians. An attempt to archive the movement is in his Living Archive of Underground Music.

Stations that broadcast No Pigeonholes:

KKUP Edition> 2nd and 4th Sundays 3-5 PM, on KKUP, 91.5FM if you are around.

European Edition> broadcast twice monthly by Radio Marabu throughout continental Europe ( and archived for the internet).

KWTF Edition> Streaming at KWTF> community radio for Sonoma County California.

No Pigeonholes EXP> broadcast and streamed live on KOWS-FM ( 1st, 3rd, 5th Thursdays 6-8 PM Pacific Time. KOWS> all experimental music.

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