Monday evening 4th of August live Jason Honea, auto-destructionist Radio-Maker, Shitty Listener and creator of blissful chaos will meet Jared Hasselhoff. All the bottles are full and so are the little green bags. The newest episode of Brave Ear Radio has all the premises and promisis and genesis to take the listener into regions no other Radio dares to go. Nail your brave ears to your helmet, tune in at 22:00 Berlin time, lower your pants at 22:03 and vomit at 22:06. Don’t forget to tweet your action. You’ll get a live comment by Mr. Hasselhoff himself


Here’s some info on the guy who managed to get expelled from Ukraine and Russia, which, in my opinion is a piece of cake. Getting expelled from commercial TV in Germany would be a real milestone.



Our official information says:
“”Evil” Jared Hasselhoff – infamous Bassist of the Bloodhound Gang, living in Berlin since 2006, he promised he would not return to the USA whilst Bush was still in charge. In 2013, Ukrainian authorities banned Hasselhoff from entering the country for five years after he ‘insulted’ the Ukrainian national flag at a Kiev concert. On August 2 the band was due to perform at Russia’s Kubana rock festival on the Black Sea coast, Instead, they were questioned by police and told to leave Russia and never return.

Neukölln HipHop artist Curtis : started with a punk band when he was 11 (checkmates), did that for 3 and a half years or so, had gigs, played guitar and sang (even though it was mainly just screaming), Now 18 years and paving the way for a new generation with his HipHop project Lingua.”

Monday 4. August 22:00 Berlin time LIVE! Brave Ear Radio, hosted by Jason Honea with Jared Hasselhoff and Curtis