The new episode of Anne F Jacques ongoing post peak oil series brings us all the surprises and fascinations of tapes with unknown content, the excitement of finding and/or receiving sounds, and, in fact, a glimpse into the everyday life of a young woman living in Montréal at the beginning of the 21st century. I can’t wait to listen to it.


In her own words:

“A microcassette bootleg of a small range radio transmission by Emilie Mouchous around the Jeanne d’Arc electrical transformation plant in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, Montréal; received by the mail; an answering machine cassette loop; a tape by id’m theft able; a cd by Karoline Leblanc and Paulo J. Ferreira Lopes; an afternoon improvisation with Alex Scarfone, on springs and stenorette machine; something else; and a piece from Lao Love Songs, a found mixtape released by Jeunesse Cosmique.
All that, in inexact order.”

Broadcasts Wednesday all through Sunday (five days a week!) at 19:00-20:00 Berlin Time (-6 for Montréal) all through August,