Once upon a time there was punk. Punk was full of anger and young people who couldn’t really play their instruments. All that was not important. Important was the non-importance of their looks. Trash. In a way they copied the trash culture of the tabloids, added a moral and a shocking stance and put this mirror up to the media of those days. But put a mirror in front of a multi-faced monster and it will change its looks until it shines pretty again. Fourty years later the moralistic and angry trash movement was a significant part of the long live re-make of an MTV videoclip that opened the London Olympics.

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When punk died in the arms of the record companies, the next generation went wave, new romantic, top of the pops or underground. A considerable group went to an island, Jamaica, and discovered the music by Studio One and Lee Perry. Another considerable group of people didn’t have to travel that far, because the Jamaicans were already in the Uk.

Radio On has the enormous luck to have Simon Wade amongst its program makers with his The Wirebender. Through him we have access to the archives of Adrian Sherwood. The newest show is a beautiful mixture of reggae, dub and industrial, full of happy joyous music. This show is presented by David Asher from Detroit.

david asher wirebender - by
(picture by Andy Rigden)

Word to Simon
“On U wasn’t in fact my name it was in fact a name given to us by a guy called Brady, he was one of the early people involved with us. It is a play on the word Onus ….a very important sound. The definition if you look in the dictionary is “Very important emphasis” 
We just like adapted the name.

Adrian Sherwood’s remixes cover a huge range of artists ranging from reggae through to industrial rock and dance spanning three decades. Here David Asher from Detroit’s The Process my guest host for this show has skillfully managed to reflect that canvass.”


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