Antonio Mainenti – Part of new Italian Radical Music

It is in the fair City of Pavia where our programmaker Antonio Mainenti lives. And it is in this very city where he picked up the idea to start a mini festival of a peculiar nature. It wouldn’t last one or a coupe of days, but it would be spread out over an infinitive period.

With no other means then his enthusiasm, his love for music and the help of friends he managed to realize the idea. He called the festivalino: Fuori Bordo.


In this program he brings us a selection of artists, all part of the new Italian radical music.
In Antonio’s words their sounds are “very innovative, son of avant-garde, free-jazz or punk and rock.” About the character of the concerts he explains that “improvisation or composition is naturally born in the contemporary.”

The musicians (in order of appearance) that he has chosen and whose works he will present all through the program are
Paolo Sanna, percussion
Diavologue (Andrea Bolzoni – guitar, Daniele Frati – drums, live electronics)
They will be followed by Soviet Love (Annalisa Pascai Saiu – voice and objects, Michele Anelli – bass and doublebass, Emilio Bernè – drum)
Luca Pissavini (doublebass)


The whole program will last one hour and thirty minutes.

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