A new show by me (=Rinus van Alebeek) which is called -Overseas-. In the first edition I talk with Andrea Belfi and Barbara Lazara. The music is by Bodycocktail.

Andrea Belfi was on a 53day tour of the USA with the trio Il Sogno del Marinaio, (Mike Watt on bass, Stefano Pilia on guitar). I spoke to him somewhere around the 40th day of his tour. It is a twenty minute interview that mainly focusses on Andrea’s tour experiences.


The music on the show is by Bodycocktail, one of the aliases of Zan Hoffman. Zan was on a 27 year mission to get his music out to the world, which resulted in over 1000 releases. Now he appears mainly as Bodycocktail, a pleasure-punk crooning incarnation, that has made him one of the most welcomed guests in small and bigger venues in Galicia, Spain.


The second interview is with Barbara Lazara, who lives in Mexico. When the case of the 43 students hit the front pages of the international news papers I wanted to hear more. Barbara puts the sad history in a wider perspective and makes you understand what the neo-political reality is of nowadays Mexico.

Andrea Belfi.guns

Zan Hoffman/Bodycocktail.Fb



Rinus van Alebeek -Overseas- broadcasts Wednesday/Thursday, Saturday 20:00-21:00, Sunday 19:00-20:00 Calabria time (-6 to -9 for US and -6 to -8 for Mexico)