First this:
D.I.Y. Church is a weekly Live Radioshow  The Church shares the freedom of speech with a special guest: A musician, performer, visual artist, collector, scientist, real men & no life… He/She presents his/her references and work issues in relation with a chosen theme.

Radio On broadcasts a special edit of DIY Church show with G.Lucas Crane and Pam Finch. Lucas performs with tapes in a radical cut-up style, Pam performs with synth, melodies and beats.

In this show they play and talk.

Word to me (= Rinus Van Alebeek)

“When I heard Lucas would be in Berlin I asked Markus to send the recordings of the show. Upon listening I discovered that the live experience is different from a regular radio show. I decided to cut, and cut it deep.

The first monologue by Lucas, about a rabbit field near The Hague and a poisoned room in Berlin, is an expression of his Threshold Doctrine.

The second monologue disappears mysteriously after a revelation about the hitlarians in the US and the cult of four-twenty.

The live bits are reassembled in a new form.

I wanted to stay close to the Radio On formula, developed together with Adrian Shephard, which is to have as much variety and radical changes as possible.”

For broadcast hours please check our schedule.

lucas crane and pam finch